BTS-77 PCB Dust Cleaner

BTS-77 is an effective spray-type cleaner for industrial or personal purposes. Static electricity attracts dust from electronic devices and facilities.


The Printed Circuit Board in electronic Devices and facilities attract dust by static electricity.
This Static electricity leads to the PCB, which short-circuits the degradation of performance, and shortens service lifespan. BTS-77 is newly invented material to keep electronic devices and facilities from those possible risks and dangers. BTS-77 blocks dust from coming into the PCBs, preventing unwanted losses and accidents.

Features of BTS-77

Prevention of Management function

Can Clean while equipment is in useBTS-77 can clean equipments without the concern of conducting electricity, even in high voltage up to 50,000 V.

Non-corrosive material. BTS-77 consist of unique materials that leave no corrosion or damage on PCBs and all other electronic parts.
Captures and resolves dust quickly. BTS-77 can slip into any tiny, narrow gaps, completely removing dust.
Prevents static and noise. BTS-77 neutralizes the static electricity generated by air compressions.

Environmental friendly
Prevents respiratory disease. BTS-77 is an eco-friendly product with no airbome dust.