Commercial and Industrial Meters

Landis+Gyr E650 meters

No one can tell what tomorrow‘s market requirements would be. That is why you need a safe metering investment for the future. The E650 meter family offers you maximum flexibility through unique communication modularity, high interoperability and a comprehensive functionality set, which includes:

  • „„ maintenance-free and robust long-life design in electronics and mechanics
  • „„ lowest failure rate in the market
  • „„ more than 30 different hot swap communication options
  • „„ extensive range of functions to cover majority of applications
  • „„ installation support and anti-tampering features
  • „„ built-in smart grid functionality

Enhanced communication capability through combined IEC1107 and DLMSTM protocols

Only complete availability of reliable metering data guarantees an efficient billing process.
The range of Landis+Gyr E650 (ZMD300/400 and ZFD400) meters is «bilingual»: handling the legacy IEC1107 protocol and the well established DLMSTM both of which comply with the IEC62056 standard.

An optimal data flow is archived through the built-in communication interface or readily interchangeable communication units.

Exceptional functionality for demanding I&C metering
Billing Data management:

  • „„ Large variety of registers to track and record the measured quantities you require
  • „„ High flexibility to link register values

Network monitoring:

  • „„ Monitor instantaneous values against threshold and record deviations in a snapshot event log
  • „„ Monitor and record disturbances for analysis and preventive network maintenance

„„ Protect your assets, e.g. transformers, against overload with real-time alarm information through SMS
„„ Detect tampering attempts and trigger real-time alarms (SMS)

Adaptation and Installation support:

  • „„ Smart installation support tools to avoid errors, simplify installation and service processes
  • „„ A set of powerful software tools (MAP Suite) to customise meter to your application needs, e.g. time-of-use tables, billing lists, profile memory, remote parameter modification,etc. 

Smart Grid applications:

  • „„ Additional auxiliary power supply to assure data reading during power down phases
  • „„ Power qualtiy monitoring functions with alarm and log features
  • „„ Real-time alarm system (SMS)
  • „„ Boolean I/O control functions to link and combine measured quantities


  • standardized processes
  • internet for communications
  • open specifications (SyM2)
  • interoperable
  • true modular design
  • extremely cost effective
  • completely accepted by RWE, EnBW and E.ON
  • complete data security
  • interfaces with SyM2 compatible metering systems