PATMO is pump machine which can lift up water up till 100 meters elevation different. it' s automatically run for whole year without using any fuel or electric supply.

Motor free water pump brand "Patmo" without artificial energy (fuel and SOLAR-POWER) is an Appropriate Technology, produced in the country, doesn’t use part from abroad ("import"). Motor free water pump Motors brand "Patmo" capable of lifting water by pumping it up to 100 m ("vertical") of the pump position to the area that requires water, unlimited ("the distribution of gravity"), so it is suitable for irrigation in agriculture, plantations, rainfed lowland, critical land / uncultivated land and clean / healthy water for the community.

In the operation of the Water Pump brand "Patmo does not require a fee, "maintenance" free, very easy and inexpensive, if there is any damage, we dont need any special expertise to repair it, our team are ready to train the operator for the pump and supply spare parts for water pump brand "Patmo".

As an alternative pump can raise water to higher locations that require water (water-prone land)

Patmo Work System 
Water enters through the inlet pipe to the pump next to the particular system in the pump, then the water can be pushed upwards through the outlet pipe.
Ø Energy = Water itself are the energy and the output

1. Efficiently lift water up to 100 meters ("Top Head");
2. Without operational costs;
3. Treatment is relatively inexpensive, easy and does not need special techniques;
4. Do not disturb the environment / nature conservation;
5. The flow can be set / programmed (24 hours or temporary) as well as the requirements.
6. Patmo relatively long economic lives, it can reach more than 20 years;
7. Domestic product

Patmo is The Appropriate Tools